Taxis For All Campaign
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Why We Want Taxis

photo of Maureen Green
“When the hospital called me at 2 a.m. to say that my mom was dying, I had to wait until the buses started running at 7 a.m. to go see her because there were no cabs available.”
— Maureen Green
photo of Jean Ryan
“Finding an accessible taxi in New York City is like an Elvis sighting. I saw one once but it was in use. I want to take a cab with my family and friends.”
— Jean Ryan
photo of Edith Prentiss
“When my wheelchair died, I had no way to get back home. I was stranded. I needed an accessible taxi.”
— Edith Prentiss
photo of Ellen Nuzzi
“My husband died and I needed accessible cabs to get to his wake and funeral, but there were none.”
— Ellen Nuzzi
photo of Douglas Pucci
“I need a cab to get to and from my friend's wedding.”
— Douglas Pucci
photo of Carr Massi
“I want accessible taxis because it's too cold to always take the bus.”
— Carr Massi
photo of Joseph Skeete
“Sometimes we just need the convenience of a taxi to get to work on time because the bus and Access-A-Ride are perpetually late.”
— Joseph Skeete
photo of Queen Naomi Francis
“I need a cab for the times when Access-A-Ride is very late or doesn't show up.”
— Queen Naomi Francis
photo of Craig Wallenstein and daughter Piper
“You have to walk, honey, because my wheelchair can't fit in a taxi sedan. Just ten blocks more. Hey! My daughter and I want to go on ALL forms of transportation, taxis included!”
— Craig Wallenstein and daughter Piper
photo of Sam Sullivan, Mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
“It was very difficult arriving at the airport. There were no wheelchair accessible taxis available. I had to be carried into a van by four people and my wheelchair had to be manhandled into a van as well, only to get into Manhattan to get to my hotel.”
— Sam Sullivan, Mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada